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Indie Arena Booth Online is your go-to place for all indie games during Gamescom. From over 200 titles participating this year, we’ve selected some of the greatest PC games that are available to play or are coming soon to GOG.COM. 
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5 reasons why Coffee Talk is a perfect game for coffee lovers >>>
X4 - visit a universe that keeps expanding >>>
On the quest to explore distant lands - indie RPGs that will make your heart race faster >>>
Requiem for a dream. 6 artistic indie games for virtual escapists >>>
5 dystopian indie games that will make you think about the future >>>
Why are so many great JRPGs being created in Germany? >>>
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Harvest Sale on GOG.COM brings the juiciest deals up to 91% off >>>
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An application that combines multiple libraries into one and connects you with friends across all gaming platforms, consoles included.
If your games and gaming buddies are scattered between different launchers and platforms, this is a solution for you!
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